Friday, September 17, 2010


Hi friends!

First, many thanks for Mike & Tracy for allowing me to post this on here.

This is a video of myself giving a reading of 'Rampage'--a selection from 'Leave Luck To Heaven', a collection of lyric essays based off of 8-bit Nintendo games.

I hope to be posting a few more of these in the future (and some non-video posts too) on here.

I rented this game from Showbiz Video when I was a kid and spent an entire Sunday morning beating the game. It has the worst/most anticlimactic ending ever, and the levels never get any harder/more interesting. Not suggested.



  1. Always sort of amazing and sad to me how little effort they've put into this game over the years. It hasn't ever really grown or changed. Concept's a license to print money, but they refuse to actually implement it.

  2. Oh, I love this game--but it's a love born of nostalgia and not true enjoyment. When I was a kid a friend and I went on a Rampage bender and never reached the end. Nothing ever really changed...