Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Leave Luck to Heaven, Call for Submissions, Silly Video

FirstLeave Luck to Heaven has arrived. Preorders have been shipped to preorderers, so now every order is an equally exciting normal, standard order. Check out our newly redesigned press page to buy your copy via paypal. It's just $12 with free shipping. Also, look out: an ebook is coming soon. If you'd like to review the book, or interview our handsome author Brian Oliu, drop us a line. Here, in case you forgot how lovely it is, is our cover, drawn by Mr. David Wells:

Secondly, we are now officially open to submissions for both our next full-length book and additional weirdo web content. What are we looking for? We like to keep that somewhat vague; we want to be surprised. That being said, it should be a beautiful experience for readers first and foremost. We love formal invention, pretty prose, and blended genres (in every sense), but we love structure and narrative even more. When it comes to the weirdo web stuff, we are interested in a very broad variety of experiences, so long as they are interesting and enjoyable online. Anyway, please do submit.

Lastly, we made an excellent video to celebrate the arrival and shipment of Leave Luck to Heaven to our readers. Be careful, watching it will make you want the book even more, and also, you might fall in love.