Monday, January 28, 2013

Pimp My Fic 6: Prometheus

So I was all ready to tell you that this might just be the episode of Pimp My Fic where Tracy and I got the formula, found our chemistry as podcasterinos, learned to edit a smooth transition, and finally made the sort of product that you would completely want to tell your friends about. In other words I was going to tell you, "We're pros now, guys. We got this. Please spread the word and help us get Internet famous." 

Then I listened to the final podcast file to make sure all was well and discovered a six-second gap in the audio at the 2:36 mark. 

I'm pretty sure I know how this happened, which means that I can probably avoid it next time, but there's no fixing it now. If you're curious what happened in those six seconds, I believe that was the portion where I explained that this episode's subject (Prometheus) is, in some ways, better than most movies that came out in 2012, the year of its release. We then proceeded to elaborate on that though! You'll hear those elaborations. And then jokes about this ridiculous cinematic search for God, and how it could have easily been better.

So maybe this isn't the episode where you should direct new listeners first, but we do hope you'll listen to the new episode and subscribe to the iTunes feed.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pimp My Fic 5: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987-1996)

So this week Tracy and I decided to mix it up a little and 1) upload the podcast on Monday, because no one is on the Internet on the weekend apparently, and 2) talk about something good (the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon) and what makes it good, instead of talking about something that sucks. We were honestly pretty surprised by how good the show is! My brothers and I watched it obsessively when we were kids -- the ones we had on VHS, anyway -- but I was pretty sure it would suck now that I'm an adult. It doesn't! It's pretty fun!

You can stream the podcast here, but as always we recommend subscribing to the iTunes feed here.

Here's the song we start with; the song in the middle and the song at the end are Special Surprises! (One of the surprises is German, and the other is orchestral.)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pimp My Fic 4: Finding Forrester

This week on the podcast we fixed Finding Forrester. I'm busy this week (and every week, forever) making cool stuff for you and your pals, so I'll keep this short: listen to this episode to learn about our agreement with Hollywood that Literally Everyone can get laid, among other important ideas. Here's the iTunes feed.  Tell your friends. Give us love. Etc.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pimp My Fic 3: Star Trek: Nemesis

This afternoon I'm going to finally design Uncanny Valley 2's interior (or at least a lot of it; the rest I'll do tomorrow). Then we'll have announcements! For now, sate your thirst for Mike + Tracy content with the third episode of Pimp My Fic, our podcast wherein we fix movies and other stuff so they don't suck so bad. This time, we're fixing Star Trek: Nemesis, the Trek movie so bad it guaranteed we'd never see the Next Generation cast in another film ever again. Our cat Molly makes a rather heated appearance, and, for true fans, we've included a coda with additional Star Trek facts!

Have a listen, subscribe on iTunes, and let us know if you're enjoying (or hating) the show.

This episode features Marina and the Diamonds' "I Am Not a Robot," which, sadly, I could only find embeddable in this form: