Monday, August 2, 2010

Roxane Gay in Issue #1

We're happy to announce that Roxane Gay will be contributing a story to the first issue of Uncanny Valley. Roxane is a force, and a big inspiration to us through her work at PANK. She also writes great blog posts, like this one at her blog, and this one at HTMLGiant, and there's some chance she might write for us on occasion too. This would rock.

You can check out some of Roxane's writing at Rick Magazine (formerly The Mississippi Review, sad story there but glad they're back), at A cappella Zoo, at The Collagist, at Foundling Review. These are some of my favorites, but she has many more and you should check them out via the Writing link on her blog. Other good news for readers includes her first collection, Ayiti, due out in 2011.

Visitors and friends, please keep passing the word around! One, that our first issue is clearly looking awesome, and two, that we're in the mood for submissions and more submissions. A couple of submitters have thought we maybe weren't open, and we definitely are. Keep 'em coming.

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