Monday, August 23, 2010

The Pleasures of Reading, pt. 3

Here's a sheet Tracy and I have worked on together for our students listing some pleasures and elements of reading and writing. This version is meant for my class, which means it has to do its best to account for prose and poetry alike. Tracy's version will be altered to focus more on prose. The idea isn't to make the list exhaustive so much as to name a wide and provocative variety of things writers might want to focus on. Hopefully we'll add to the list with our students all semester long.

Click to see the full-sized version. Let me know if you'd like an MS Word or PDF version.
What'd we miss?


  1. This list shows some impressive dwelling upon the experiences of reading.

  2. i want a PDF of this if you're willing to send it? i think i might use it in my class this fall (with credit to you!)