Friday, August 6, 2010

Mr. Sagara

Mike and I just finished playing our first game of Sleep is Death together. He made the environment (and, I'm told, countless leg/arm combinations), and I played the main character, who woke up in a room full of phones and had to make some decisions. I'm not quite sure why I decided the things I did, but it kind of added up into a story; we worked together pretty well, I think.

The flipbook of our story, "Mr. Sagara," can be found here (along with others) at SidTube. Enjoy!

I think Mike is going to follow up with a post about being The Controller and dealing with the (fairly) unpredictable decisions of a game player. Also, we discovered this guy lives in our town, so we might try to find him and have a lunch to discuss the game a bit more.

As a player, I can just say that it was really engrossing, and I felt really anxious to see how it'd turn out, if I would make the "right" choices. But of course there wasn't really anything I could do to either mess up or triumph--an experience I attribute partly to Mike's concept for the story and partly to the game's system of turn-taking. I highly recommend it. You can download the game for as much as you're willing to pay here; just scroll past the reviews.


  1. That's a nice pair of underoos in the first image.

  2. My feeling was that I didn't need to worry about putting those on until I had a definite person on the other end of the phone. Not sure if this reveals character, but it made my little sprite more appealing to me.