Monday, August 30, 2010

The Lifted Brow 7

I just got my copy of The Lifted Brow 7, all the way from Australia. I've got a longer story in there, and there is also work by stand-up people like Brian Evenson, Uncanny Valley contributor Blake Butler, and lots of other cool stuff (complete list of contributors below the cut). The last issue sold out and this one is well on its way, as I understand it, so you might want to check it out. The US price may seem a little steep until you see A) how great it is and B) how much it costs to ship out here (about thirteen bucks). The Brow is easily one of the best mags out there right now and one Tracy and I are thinking about a lot in our own editing.

WRITING BY Blake Butler, Diane WilliamsDiane WilliamsRob Shearman, Nick Modrzewski, Michaela McGuire, Phil Estes, Arthur S Halsey Jr, Bryce Wolfgang Joiner, Matt Bell, Bryan Whalen, Kate Cantrell, Tim McGuire, Ryan Call, Shane Jesse Christmass, Blake Kimzey, Jimmy Chen, Kate McIntyre, Dan Moreau, Brian Evenson, Dan Piepenbring, Frank Moorhouse, Johannes Jakob, Chris SomervilleChris Currie, Dolan Morgan, AS Patric, Kim Chinquee, Leesa Wockner, Mike Meginnis, AE Reiff, Paul Murdock, Thuy Linh Nguyen, Zachary German, Krissy Kneen, Joel Van Noord, Gabe Durham, David Finig, Jensen Beach, and Sam Pink.

LONG COMICS BY C.F. and Kirsten Reed.

and ILLUSTRATED BY Matt Furie, Howell Golson, Alexi Keywan, Gabrielle Bell, Jeffrey Brown, Lisa Brown, Bernard Caleo, Eirian Chapman, Josh Cotter, Jo Dery, Phil Elverum, Michael P Fikaris, Lisa Hanawalt, John Hankiewicz, Sarah Howell, Lee May, Scot Nobles, Woodley Nye, Ron Rege Jr, Seripop, Mel Stringer, and Jo Waite.

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