Monday, May 16, 2011

Tracy reads from The Indigo Eye

In the third year of the program, NMSU MFA students give a reading with a published author to celebrate their upcoming graduation, as well as to share their work on their theses with the community. Tracy read an excerpt from her novel The Indigo Eye, which is about a man (Vernon Childers) who believes he has psychic powers, and who wants to inherit the most famous psychic shop in the world. Tracy's reading was graceful, clear, engaging, and just the right length. She was also introduced by our friend and colleague Daniel Cameron.

We'll be posting my reading as well in the near future, as well of those of any NMSU alums who are willing to share their recordings with us. Please enjoy.

Tracy's Reading by Uncanny Valley Magazine


  1. i don't know where to get mine from? floydd?

  2. Yeah, although now may be too late. Theoretically he should have given you a CD.

  3. Tracy, I enjoyed listening to this excerpt. My thought in the first few minutes was a wish to have encountered more premises like this in my own workshops.