Friday, May 13, 2011

Screw Blogger

I have enjoyed the blogger platform this last year, but it was down for most of the last couple days and today it came back up with several posts missing. Fortunately I managed to restore Gabe's post below (note to everyone: please always share all of our posts on Google Reader so that we will have backups!) but Tim's post about dragon teeth is gone (hopefully he will share that adorable video again). Measures will be taken to prevent this from being a problem in the future.

I would call this an open thread, but we don't have enough dedicated commenters for that. So here's my offer: if you are a spammer, or even a spambot, consider this post's comment thread open season. Spam away! I won't delete anything.


  1. I have a cached copy of Tim's post in Google Reader; I (think) I'm sharing it with you now.

  2. My favorite spam starts out with the subject line "The information you requested." I am always requesting information! It is the Internet. So it always fools me for a couple extra seconds.

    The ones that start with "Hi darling" catch me off guard too. Even though that is not a name that people call me.

  3. I know quite a few people have migrated to Wordpress, but I prefer Blogger.

  4. Yeah, I like WordPress too, but you have to pay for it to become sufficiently customizable, whereas you can make Blogger look like you want it to for free.