Friday, December 17, 2010

Tiny Little Stories

Last night Sarah and I went to a poetry slam, the Broken Speech Poetry Slam, and I learned I am not a man made to slam. Well, it was no surprise. It was a good time, though, a time in a small room with an interesting red stage, hosted by J. Bradley, interviews editor for PANK and author of Dodging Traffic and, more recently, The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You is a Robot.

A tiny new story of mine went up in the first issue of Twenty20. You guessed it: this is a journal that does stories of twenty words or less. I was and am skeptical of what can be done in 20 words or less, but the brevity of one of these pieces means that it doesn't take long to write and edit, or to read. And the payoff for a short piece that works is such a jackpot, considering the time spent reading it.

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