Friday, December 3, 2010

Hannah Hype

Yesterday I climbed onto an airplane flooded with fruit snack-smelling air and flew to Iowa. The weather here--well, it's not as bitingly frigid as I'd expected, but everything is the color of old book pages flipped open after years of neglect. Also all internet connections in this town of 4000 run at about half-speed.

So I'm just dropping in to remind you of Kyle Minor's live reading of the entirety of Barry Hannah's Long, Last, Happy on HTML Giant this Sunday, starting at midnight. You can read the details here, or you can read Jack Pendarvis calling Minor a crazy man here. Minor will surely perish in the attempt to read the entire book but it will be a noble expiration.

I've only read a little of Hannah's work (first Airships, and then Ray), but picked up Never Die a few weeks back and it was pretty solid and read a quarter of Bats Out of Hell on the airplane and man. Start with the title story if you're unsure and you will be made sure. "Evening of the Yarp" is also unstoppable and the kind of story, for me at least, that makes me wonder how to produce something so buzzing.

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