Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas songs

Here are more Christmas songs, with, for added value, the stupidest YouTube comments they've received below.

Okay so there's a story behind this one. Like the first night we went out to a bar with our new friends at the MFA 2.5 years back, we met a guy named Smooth. Smooth's catchphrase was "Don't let the do-rag fool you." He told us that he owned a home even though he was black; he said "Don't let the do-rag fool you." (I guess he assumed we were racists?) He liked to choose people at the bar and make eye contact with them and sing songs of his own composition.

When he sang to Tracy he sang a song about men being boys, playing with toys not bombs, or something like that. It was a little retarded but he was very earnest about it and, you know, you can't let the do-rag fool you. He told us the melodies came first and the words came later.

So imagine my surprise to find Justin Bieber performing the song Smooth wrote for Obama. I'm so proud of Smooth! Clearly he made it to the big time. I really regret letting the do-rag fool me. He probably owns like five homes now, and a corvette.

"Its just Justin Beibers way of saying 'Thank you Obama, because of you I'm able to join the army.'"

"i hate justin blowjob so i muted this video just to see if it was real and yup obama is a homo for condoning this shit"

They've been playing this at the grocery store and I think it's probably the worst song ever recorded:

"i love christmas. its this time of year even assholes that treat everyone horribly are happy and nice and jolly and talk about christmas spirit. why cant everyone be like this all year round?"

"Happy Holiday to everyone like ths song it so cool but i like the orginal WHAM!! I Remember i was 7 years old and my older sister was playing this it reminds me those years ago i wish i could go back to 1985 i liked that christmas years it brings back those days i also like BONEY M Christmas songs which i reley enjoyed. Merry Christmas all you Brit and eveyone where ever you are in the world . signing out OK ROGER- From United Kingdom."

"Merry Christmas from Afghanistan, we are proud to fight so you can celebrate Christmas in peace."

I will cop to liking Smashing Pumpkins and even preferring this to some alternative versions, because I suck:

"you know billy was really on his game in the 90s when he could even write a very good xmas song"

"No, seriously, it doesn't matter. Nobody cares that you didn't say Happy Holidays. I agree with you, you should be allowed to say it... and guess what, you are allowed to say Merry Christmas! Companies say Happy Holidays simply because there are multiple holidays occurring at the same time. The only people who think that saying Merry Christmas is politically incorrect are trying to stir up controversy for the sake of media coverage. You're not special, liberals aren't offended."

This.... Ow:

"I agree with you, Destiny's child was a good group but TLC is by far the best female group ever!!!!!!!"

This one isn't actually bad, precisely:

"This guy reminds me RAMONES."

"this is one of the few non-cheesey rock christmas songs. he does have a really good singing voice."

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