Monday, January 17, 2011

PANK's lovely redesign

A while ago I wrote a critique of PANK's layout (among several other online magazines), the general argument of which was that while PANK is cool and looks cool and is more navigable than most online mags, it could be more readable in several key ways. Roxane Gay commented that PANK was being redesigned and I've been looking forward to it since -- and while I assume my post had little or nothing to do with it, I am happy to see that everything I asked for has happened, more or less.

You've got the issue index with titles and excerpts, you've got the "next" and "previous" buttons on the content pages themselves, you've got generally a sexier-looking format that retains the flexibility to display just about anything you can put in a blog. It's all very nice. I looked up Tracy's story "Pink" and enjoyed the new format.

So, nice going PANK! It's a great magazine and an attractive one as well.

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