Monday, January 10, 2011

New Website

So you may have noticed that in addition to our first publication we have a new website. The new site exists partly as a solution to a technical problem -- we needed a domain that would forward you to a server in addition to one that would forward you to this blog -- but it's also where you'll go to see our online features over the next few months.

One thing Curio taught us, and which we came to understand in reading the slush, is that there are a lot of pieces out there too ambitious or weirdly shaped or self-contained to put in a magazine (we had briefly considered putting Laura's stories in a print issue, but felt they would likely overwhelm the rest of the work by their sheer number) but not quite large enough for a book to themselves, or perhaps in some ways too large or weird to be contained by a book. We realized we never wanted to say no to something because it wouldn't quite fit in the magazine, because it was too ambitious or unusual. We decided to start doing those online.

Once we started these it was hard to stop -- we've had what may be one of the highest quality slush piles out there -- and so now the online feature, which you'll find in the stories section of our website, will be a monthly thing. We've already filled out our schedule for a third of the year, which will include such worthies as Sutherland Douglass, Gabriel Blackwell, Ravi Mangla, and A. D. Jameson. So consider this also a call for submissions: if you've got something that you think might fit, submit it through our online manager. We'd love to see more.

Why do we call it the "stories" section, though? It's not because we don't want poetry -- one of those things listed above is a sort of extended prose poem. The point is that we want poetry or prose or comics or whatever that provide the experience of reading a story: the experience of having gone somewhere, having seen or done something. You can put that experience into any shape you can imagine, but it's essential to us that it's always there.

So for now, go read Curio. But also keep coming back for more.

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