Sunday, January 9, 2011

Laura Ellen Scott's Curio Starting Now

When we first saw Laura Ellen Scott's Curio, it took us maybe three or four stories to know that it was right for us. Then there were seventeen more.

This collection of short fictions swerves wildly from one genre to another over the course of a series of very short stories. Often it's a ghost story, sometimes it's a gothic. Sometimes it's scary. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's sweet. Sometimes it's simply disturbing. But it's never boring. We're thrilled that this could be our first publication, as we think it's both an excellent little book and one that exemplifies vast swaths of the sort of aesthetic ground we hope to cover as publishers.

Laura was kind enough to let me do a few simple illustrations for the book as well, and I hope you like them.

The segmented structure of Curio is ideal for serialization, and so that's what we'll be doing: over the next seven weeks, new stories will be posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can follow our Twitter to be reminded of updates, or you can keep an eye on the blog, where we'll post regular reminders.

Of course if you read a little and decide you like it, you can always head on over and send an amount of your choosing to Laura, who will then send you the full PDF (designed for reading on screen or on paper). Otherwise you'll just have to be patient.

So anyway, go read it!

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