Saturday, October 30, 2010

Short Busdriver concert

Busdriver is awesome. It follows that this video of him performing would also be awesome. (And it is.) 

I don't know why Busdriver seems to get so little love. Probably at least half of the problem of course is that I'm not reading the publications, blogs, twitter feeds, etc. where rap of any kind is discussed with any frequency. But even on the rare occasions where I get to talk rap with my overwhelmingly white middle class college-educated cohort, he never seems to come up. Obviously on a technical level he's out and out spectacular, and his unique marriage of musicality and hyper-articulated high-speed flow is on a level of accomplishment you just don't see elsewhere. (I mean, at least stick it out through "Me Time" -- it's ridiculous he can do all that live.) I think the sense of humor is maybe a bit much for some people, but I have a taste for cruel music (also really enjoy Mindless Self Indulgence much of the time, for instance) so it works out really nicely for me. I've been trying for a while to come up with something smart to say about him but basically he's just really, really good.

Anyway, have a good Halloween!

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