Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lunch Break

It's lunchtime here in New Mexico; Mike and I are eating store-bought tamales due to lack of time and options here on campus. The ease is nice, but I often find myself thinking on Thursday afternoons of new things for us to cook for the week (since our grocery day is Friday). Here's a quick list of things around the Internet that I would really like to make and eat.

1. Tim's Mummy Cookies

These are not Tim's recipe, but he did link to them on Facebook, so I think of him as responsible for delivering them to me. I kind of can't stop thinking about how delicious they look. I love cookies, and Mike and I are both huge fans of white chocolate, so these are an easy sell. But they can also be made without. Either way, nom.

2. Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Some people in the MFA crowd around here are planning a Soup Party this weekend, and my current plan is to attend with this in a crockpot. The cinnamon croutons are the real stars here, but I'm also looking forward to the chance to make the soup without forgetting the cream this time. Turns out it really does taste just like pumpkin pie when all you put in it is pumpkin puree, fall spices, and brown sugar...

3. Mexican Crepes

Our friends over at Master of Fine Eats always have great stuff cooking, but this one has been making me salivate for a while: tortillas layered with strawberries, ricotta and cream cheese, and a sprinkle of chocolate chips.

I've had a sweet tooth bugging me for a while now, so I'm hoping for the opportunity to make at least one of these in the coming weeks. Especially the crepes, but especially the mummy cookies.

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  1. Tracy, you should make the cookies! I've had a modified version of that recipe before, at a Halloween party in college, and although the party was a good time full of broken glasses and spilled pizza it's the memory of the cookies that stays with me. Or stalks me with the quiet musty funk of the recently disturbed tomb, to keep with the cookies' theme.