Monday, October 18, 2010


I really enjoyed Kathy Acker's rewriting of stories like The Scarlet Letter in Blood and Guts in High School. Who else has done things like this? How did they approach it? How did they use the original text? I'm playing with something like this now and I'd like to think about how to best to do it.


  1. well, maybe something like paul griffiths' 'let me tell you' (uses the words juliet says in the romeo and juliet, mixing them up & reordering them); sophie calle taking paul auster's 'leviathan' in 'double game' and playing the character auster based on her; tom philips' 'humument'; brian kim stefans' 'i know a man' (makes a creeley poem move)... not quite the same as what acker was doing, but still playing with the idea of covering texts.

  2. I'm also working on something like this, but I'm unfamiliar with precedents. Kore, your examples sound good. I hope some more people drop in some notes.