Monday, July 19, 2010

To Read: JMWW

Hey Mike,

I'll bite (and apparently I'll be the first, though I hope not the last)-- want something to read? Click and enjoy, without undue dilatoriness, new editor John Madera's impressively compiled Flash Fiction section of the Summer JMWW. Top to bottom, great. Alphabetically, then, if you need further convincing: Andrew Borgstrom, Kim Chinquee, Robert Coover (! an excerpt from Noir), Jeremy M. Davies (whose Rose Alley should long ago have joined the queue of my personal, offline reading list, and has, emphatically, done so now), Luca DiPierro, Brian Evenson, Lily Hoang (whose The Evolutionary Revolution I've only just started, but can already without reserve recommend), Tim Horvath, Joanna Howard, Jamie Iredell, Brian Kiteley, Norman Lock, Robert Lopez, Sean Lovelace, Stacy Muszynski, Ken Sparling, Terese Svoboda, and J.A. Tyler.

I might have linked the individual pieces, but the whole thing is fantastic. Read it all.

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