Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gabriel Blackwell is our second contributor


Today I went to Andele's Mexican Hot Dog to get an Andele's Mexican Hot Dog with the works. (This was to reward myself for sitting through a haircut, and also for spending the 4th alone while everyone was out of town.) Andele's Mexican Hot Dog was, sadly, closed. :(

But I'm still excited! Because Gabriel Blackwell has just given us permission to run his story-essay-thing (apparently we're into that) "An Interpretive History of Addition," which is about counting, and cannibalism, and hands. You'll have to wait a while to read that, but he's got plenty of work available online.

He first published "The Behavior of Pidgeons" at Conjunctions, where he later published "Untitled (Sid Vicious, New York, 1978). But I first became aware of him through The Collagist, where his story "Play" lives and laughs. You can hear him reading it (with remarkable clarity) here. His blog, of course, is here. You'll hear more about him soon, I'm sure.

Looking forward to finding out who our next will be, and enjoying our slush quite a lot. Keep it up.

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