Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stick Pink

Our friend and fellow MFAer, Carrie Murphy, has been doing awesome things for a while now. But here is a link to a new awesome thing: Stick Pink, an e-chapbook from Gold Wake Press.


If I were a woman with a beard, I would be the bearded woman.
I would wear charms tied to my beard all the time, even to bed.
Maybe unicorns.
Maybe a tiny teapot.

I have never listened to music while I shaved my legs.
I do have baby hairs on my knuckles but I don’t think I’m ape-like.
I am scared of cavemen so I never studied anthropology but
I once had sex with a hairy barrel while it rolled down a hill.

There's more, but this was enough to draw me in. I honestly love her poetry. Sometimes I feel bad about myself for not liking or reading more poetry, but then someone comes along who consistently seems to knock it out of the park and I wonder what's wrong with being picky after all. Maybe all the other poets just need to step up.

Anyway. She'll be mortified when and if she reads this, so check it out if you have a mind to.

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  1. tracy, how correct you were when you said i'd be mortified! i certainly am, but also tremendously flattered. so glad you like the work, and thank you so so so much for your support!