Monday, July 12, 2010

Thanks, the Internets!

This is neat. Apparently a Toronto book blogger, Shaun Smith, has picked up on both the HTMLGiant controversy over Tin House's trial show-us-the-receipt submission policy and Mike's response to it on this blog. What's funny and flattering is that, apparently, in the scope of the whole wide Internet, we look like a "rival lit mag" next to Tin House. We might have pretensions! Of course, we do like Tin House, wish them well, wish they'd rethink their bad ways of doing good things, et cetera...

He is absolutely right about being able to touch the Stanley Cup, however--I myself have access to a recent picture of a friend with his arm wrapped loosely around it, as if taking an old buddy into confidence. I take no responsibility for the error, as I was out of town. (Sorry, honey.) But we'll change the guideline anyway. Here is the revised version:

Anyone submitting a manuscript accompanied by a picture of their bare foreskin touching the surface of the Stanley Cup will be automatically accepted.

Try to get that past security.

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