Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Women Who Write: Tamiko Beyer

This is one of those Women Who Write where I get embarrassed and imagine a good half of our readers saying: Of course she does. Where have you been? Today was my first exposure to her writing, and in case you, like me, were not previously familiar with her, maybe you can go check her out--she publishes widely in addition to blogging regularly at The Kenyon Review.

From the latest issue of DIAGRAM, this is "Sweet Branch Stitched to Bitter Tree":

After many sleight-of-hand days the sun squares itself on the white walls. Tart is what your tongue says against the slice you lay across it. Sweet say your molars. This apple grown from graft. Open the myth starred in every core—shiny useless things. 
Our stem tale sutured.
Where your limb would be,
I find my violent pleasure.

DIAGRAM / 11.1

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