Monday, March 21, 2011

Women Who Write: Andrea Kneeland

I have encountered and very much enjoyed Andrea Kneeland's work in fiction, but today I was looking for some poetry and found her in Tarpaulin Sky ("Drafts"):

This is my list. My list
is a pointed sphere grown autumnal
in the dusk light. In the dusk light,
the bird cry cracks open, screams
out a name to the clappering
sound of horses hooved deep
on the shoreline. On the shoreline,
the riders are cradling shadows in
the stuttering waves. The stuttering waves
outline the bodies; the horses collapse,
out numbered in the dusk light.

so much for the moon she said
the scene at the end when the girl is shot

I thought this was just a fun sort of haiku variation--and really liked it that way--but each "line" is also linked to other poems; it is kind of awesome, and I have linked to them too. Read them!

Tarpaulin Sky / Chronic Content
Alice Blue Review /  Eight

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