Thursday, February 10, 2011

Missed Communications

Though I'm not aware of there being terribly many Bowlings in the world, I get mail intended for them constantly. This one I received this morning. It's so perfectly written I think it's going in a book. 

Don't worry, I always send a note saying it's missed the intended recipient. No matter how awkward it may be to admit to a stranger that I've read their (usually) intimate letters.

Dear T---,

Another glowing review of the Contessa in Yachting Monthly and recent discussions in the Yacht Club on the "ideal boat" have made me think of Whisper and your good self. I do hope you are both in top form.

I am fine now after another episode of heart failure coupled with atrial fibrillation. I am getting ready to get another season in with Jet my squib - but only when the weather improves. She was laid up last October when I was in a poor state but a gang of friends did all the work. This was lovely but I do not know where anything is now so the fit-out is going to be a voyage of discovery. I have a fairly regular crew now so we compete most Saturdays - a beautifully balanced little boat. I have grown very fond of the Squib but still look back on Whisper with great nostalgia.

All the very best            


I'm taking the liberty of attaching a picture of a yacht named Whisper. I imagine the name is not uncommon, but hey, these guys are in Yachting Monthly. This may be the very one.


  1. I can't decide whether this beats the one from a lady, post-date, explaining her chastity.

  2. It is definitely better written, though that one had the advantage of being too intimate even for its intended recipient.

  3. randall gets emails for other people all the time, like multiple ones per week. emails for rhonda mceloy, richard mcelroy, all sorts of r-named people. the weird thing is that many of them are emails for things like dating sites, so presumably the person signing up TYPED IN THEIR OWN INCORRECT email to result in randall getting their emails. really weird.