Saturday, September 24, 2011

Uncanny Valley 0001 is here

Uncanny Valley issue 0001 is now available for preorder. If you order it now ($14 with free shipping) then we will mail it to you as soon as the issues, which we ordered from the printer a week ago, are in our hot little hands. Oh, and after we draw on them a little. (You'll find out.)

You should check out the preorder page to see who we've got and what they gave us. It's been a real pleasure working with these writers over the last year. Some of them you already know, and others will perhaps be as new and exciting for you to discover as they were for us. Issue 0001 showcases powerful, ambitious, and wildly entertaining stuff from a wide range of talents, and we're confident that if you come to it with an open heart, you will find something to love.