Saturday, September 10, 2011

H, I, J, K, L, M, and N (C is for Celluloid)

No, I didn't forget (parts A and B here). I did, however, get busy with school. Fortunately, because I have a rather long commute to Salem, I was still able to go through some of my now-recovered iTunes library.

Look, in the 1970s, there was this label, Celluloid Records. They released some pretty diverse stuff, from no-wave to rap and plenty of stops in between. They were French, but located in New York; I probably don't need to say any more. Here's more: Bill Laswell was their house producer. You know Bill Laswell, right? He produced everyone from White Zombie to Bootsy Collins to Swans. Oh, and he also produced and played bass on Herbie Hancock's biggest hit, "Rockit"

(I prefer HeadHunters, but that's me.)

Celluloid released Stiff Little Fingers's "Inflammable Material," too (through some agreement they had with Rough Trade). Oh, "Suspect Device"

And James Chance, in one of his many incarnations. Not this, but still, this:

But if you're still not digging it, they also put out a few Fela Kuti albums. "Zombie" was one.

And Richard Lloyd. I think it really misses the shrillness of Tom Verlaine on guitar and vox. Still, "Alchemy"

But, partly because of the Laswell connection, they're probably best known as Material's label. No idea why this youtube poster chose a bunch of covers that are not of the single in question (pretty good taste, though), but here's Laswell's Material and Nona Hendryx with "Busting Out."

The 70s were just obsessed with busting out, coming out, going out. Somebody else would know why.

Celluloid also put out stuff from Suicide, Tuxedomoon, Can, and the Golden Palominos, but they didn't fit, alphabetically. Oh well.

As always, there will be more, just not right away.

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