Friday, April 1, 2011

I edited the April Dark Sky Magazine

A little while ago Brian Carr e-mailed me to see if I wanted to guest-edit fiction for the April issue of Dark Sky Magazine. I said yes I would like to do that very much, thank you. I proceeded to solicit some dudes, and then to get all up in their slush and accept some other dudes, and now those dudes are together in one place; their names are Tim Dicks, Erin Fitzgerald, Jack Boettcher, Andrea Kneeland, and Darby Larson, and they were all a joy to work with. You can read the issue here.

What are the stories about? Tim's story is about ways to earn $10,000 dollars. It is also about a cat. Erin's story is about a lady with some problems. Jack's story is about a man with a famous father, now dead. Andrea's story is about what it would be like to sleep with Dick Cheney, and then it is about other things. Darby's story is about Halo, a boy without legs. They are all very good.

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  1. I am reading through these and enjoying them all. There are so many great lines in Andrea Kneeland's, but I just read this one: "A man is looking at her, his mouth moving, calm and slow and purposeful as end-time spiders." Also Darby's story's title is enough to recommend it.