Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yes, he really is a giant dick.


  1. So...I'm starting to think TNY just specializes in douchey essays written by douchey authors.

    Just sayin'.

  2. Our private discussion of previous examples is cracking this case wide open.

    The case of the most selfish, entitled, preening, pissant assholes on the fucking planet.

  3. I mean, seriously...I think the idea is that if you're an author then you know the shallowness that is--I don't know--LEARNING ANYTHING from an experience outside of your comfort zone. You can claim to wield the Truth and screw up everyone's traditions, festivals, funerals, with your self-righteous insights all you want. At some point you have to reckon with the fact that people have lives and experiences outside of you, and that your ability to piss on the familiar narratives of those lives means *bull* *shit* to everyone else.