Thursday, June 9, 2011

Books, Journeys, & Meh

Like Mike and Tracy, I'm moving across the country.  I'm moving to Portland and I'm traveling by Amtrak for a little while first.  I have everything I own in my three bags, two rubbermaid totes and one plastic dresser.  The two totes and the dresser are with my parents who are going to ship those to me when I get to Portland.  On the trip I brought way too many books.  I have a kindle and I still brought too many books.  I even bought a book along the way and left a different one on a train.

One book was non-fiction about moving to Portland from Houston, but once I got to New Orleans I couldn't take his constant discussion of the desert.  It's also very hopeful and then I got to Tuscaloosa and saw this:

So then I started reading Distant Star.  Much more appropriate.

I'm going to be in Chicago tomorrow and this is going on:

The Danny’s Reading Series

At Danny’s Tavern
Wednesday, June 8th
7:30PM sharp.
Featuring readings by Abraham Smith and Steve Timm.


Here's Abe Smith:

Wish I could go, but I'm bound for further down the tracks.  Would be very fitting to see Abe on this trip though.

Why do people quit writing?  That's what I want to know cause that's sorta what I want to do.  Lots of journey ahead still.  Lots of country.  Lots of reading.

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