Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Leave Luck to Heaven, by Brian Oliu

Tracy and I have been reading pieces of Brian Oliu's Leave Luck to Heaven, a heart-wrenching collection of Nintendo-themed lyric essays, for something like five years now. If you're the kind of person who knows about Uncanny Valley, there's a solid chance that you have too. These things have been published pretty much everywhere, and, in our experience, just about everybody loves them immediately -- not only people who grew up glued to an NES, but anyone who appreciates a haunted, beautifully written personal reflection.

When we decided to focus on publishing books, Brian was the first person we wrote. We were amazed the book was still available. And we were glad that we would be the ones to bring it to you. Here is its cover:

We're thrilled to announce that Leave Luck to Heaven is now available for preorder. (You may have to refresh this page to see the Paypal button; I'm not sure why.) The book will cost you $12 with free shipping. It will arrive by early summer of this year. And it will be beautiful. Its gorgeous pixel-packed cover was drawn by our friend David Wells, whom you may remember as the artist who drew our first magazine's cover.

You can read a little more about it here. You can watch a video that Brian made for his Maniac Mansion piece on Vimeo here.

But the key thing to take away from this post is that Leave Luck to Heaven is coming and you're going to want to order it as soon as you can.


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  2. Jesus, have mercy on their souls.
    Why? You. Must. Perish.
    I must croak, two...
    yet, that aint TheEnd.
    Heaven or Hell is the end
    and whorizontal-video-games
    aint allowed in Seventh-Heaven, bro.