Sunday, March 16, 2014

Goodbye magazine, hello press

So we owe you an update.

When we started Uncanny Valley, we were two grad students with time to juggle the demands of building, managing, and promoting a blog, magazine, and press. We worried at the time that we were spreading
ourselves too thin and that we needed to narrow our scope, but it was very appealing to imagine ourselves as a vast publishing empire.

As my work has become more demanding and Mike's writing career has taken off in different directions, finding and curating a magazine's worth of material has become too much for us to manage. We still want to publish and promote the best, most fun, most consuming, most ambitious writing out there, but to do so, we need to narrow our scope.

It is with regret, but anticipation, that we announce Uncanny Valley Magazine will no longer be published. Uncanny Valley Press will continue to operate as a publisher of book-length manuscripts, with the first book coming out this year. We have always loved long-form work, and we welcome the opportunity to focus our efforts on one project and to be great editors, designers, and promoters for it.

Submissions will be closed to new material as we prepare the book for publication, but you can follow our Twitter feed (@uncannyvalleymg) to find out when we are looking for new material. And stay tuned for the announcement of our first full-length title later this week.

We want to thank everyone for all the enthusiasm and support we've received for the magazine. We've met many amazing authors, and we hope you'll continue to support them, as well as other outlets for new, weird, fun, imaginative writing.

Thank you again, and stay tuned.

Tracy + Mike

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