Monday, February 18, 2013

Pimp My Fic Episodes 7, 8, and 9

We've been hesitant to post something that would push our last post down the page (yes, you can and should still pre-order issue 0002 of the magazine and get a copy of Uncanny Valley 0001 for free) but we have indeed been podcasting regularly over the last several weeks. Our most recent episode, and I think the best of the three, is about the 2004 Reese Witherspoon version of Vanity Fair. We also talk a little about the weird and in many ways upsetting impact of Netflix on how we watch and talk about film and television.

The previous episode was about Treasure Planet, Disney's x-treme makeover of Treasure Island, and the one before that was about The Adventures of Tintin and imperialism. Of course, if you're keeping up at the podcast's page, or subscribed to its RSS or iTunes feeds, you already know all of this.

I keep myself intentionally ignorant about the podcast's listenership right now, because I suspect it's quite small. You can help us grow the podcast by listening, by telling your friends, by sharing it on Twitter and Facebook, and by reviewing us on iTunes. At this point I feel pretty good about the show -- I think it's both funny and a good way to exercise your writerly muscles in narrative, structure, drama, and characterization. It's definitely got a few dedicated fans, now, but it could use more. Maybe you should be one of them.

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