Monday, February 4, 2013

Uncanny Valley 0002 is (almost) here

Uncanny Valley issue 0002 is now available for preorder. If you order it now ($14 with free shipping), we will mail it to you as soon as the issues arrive late this month or early next. Last year we wrote you sticker-notes and defaced your copies; we're trying to think of something fun for you this year. In fact, here's something I forgot: Preorder now and we'll throw in a copy of Issue 0001.

Here's the awesome stuff you'll find inside:

John Colburn : The Story of the Second Husband, The Two Witches
Rachel B. Glaser : The Moody Pencil
Tyler Gobble : Three Poems
J. A. Tyler : My Brother Came
Shome Dasgupta : MudGone Went the Rabbit
Rachel Yoder : Partial History of a Parallel World
Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert: Three Jokes
A. D. Jameson : The Woords
René Georg Vasicek: The Improbability of Being Here Now
Michele Harris : Two Poems
Justin Anderson : Box Trap
Lindsay Hunter : The child the mom the dad the girl

The work in Issue 0002 is as ambitious as Issue 0001, but with, I think, a wider range of surreal worlds to explore. It's also an issue that covers a lot of emotional ground. We're confident you'll find something that stirs you.

Check out the preorder page now, and spread the word. We'll be bringing you more news and more ways to check out the magazine soon.

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